I am a bachelor in Electronics Telecommunication Engineering and B.Sc.(Biotech). I am a self dependent(Freelancer) game developer and web designer, i do everything by myself with the help of other resources like internet,communities, forums & Books etc.
I have been started working in Game Industries since 2013. My favorite Game Engines are Cryengine and Unreal Engine. My preferred game engine is Cryengine but I was started own carrier from unreal engine 3. So I am also worked experience on unreal engine. My current game engine is Cryengine. I have used autodesk products, adobe products. Mainly I used Blendr3d, Maya, Zbrush, photoshop cs6 , shader map, and sometimes NDO etc. I am also working on 3D artist, level design, Environment design, Background music of games and little bit animation on maya.
My fields of nterests are –
-Level Design(Environment Design)
-3D Artist
-Programming on c++
-Background Music(fl-studio11/12 )
-Web Designing.

Deependra Kushwaha







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